I must admit, folks, I lived through, engaged in and supported the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 70s. That struggle and experience indelibly colored and influenced my life. We had more than a ‘glass ceiling’ back then; we had titanium reinforced doors. But we won a lot of those battles and lost a few.

The Queen’s Man series initially wormed its way out of that outlook, as a fun and interesting way of attempting to show men the misery of a world turned around on them—to an extreme degree, of course.

As life progressed, intermingled with my college education, twenty years in the U.S. Army and fifteen years in Civil Service, I absorbed the mores and customs of different sections of this country, various foreign countries, their people, cultures, religions and traditions.

The series evolved on parallel with my life tribulations and learning processes. I tried to keep it fun and light, but serious and meaningful. First Aarvan and Rejeena must save each other, then they attempt to save the world from itself. Come and join them in their conflicts.

I want to hear from you, fan or detractor, good, bad or indifferent; I love praise and have a hide thick enough to make a rhinoceros blush in shame. Sharing is important and I will try to answer inquiries, and exchange viewpoints.

Send me thoughts, feelings, about the book or snippets about your life. Just whatever comes to mind that you wish to share.

That’s what I’ll be posting, so let’s see where this can go.

My life passions include the military, my late husband, horses, dogs, my writing and the fascinating world of nature.

Careful guys: My great heroine is still Granny Clampett.


Queen’s Man: Into The Inferno (first of the Queen’s Man series). An adventurous, romantic fantasy, with a twist of humor and spiced by a mystery. Now on the market at Xlibris.com, Amazon and Barnes&Noble, softcover, hardcover and ebook.

Queens Man